About US

We have a passion for all things storytelling. We love finding, developing and visualising hidden stories. We believe that presentations can be fun and engaging. We create Prezis that help you communicate your ideas in a more memorable way. 

We are officially accredited Prezi Experts.



Popper Studios was founded by Lili Popper, who was Prezi's in-house Prezi Designer and Trainer for four years before creating her own studio. She has created presentations for a wide range of businesses, keynote speakers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and TED speakers. At Popper Studios Lili designs most, and oversees all projects.

LILI POPPER            Lead Presentation Designer & Trainer

ANISAH RAHMAN    Junior Presentation Designer

ASHWINI PATEL       Junior Presentation Designer



At Popper Studios we work exclusively with Prezi.

Prezi is a presentation software just like PowerPoint, except way better. At least we think so. In Prezi you put all your content on one big canvas instead of slide, after slide, after slide. This allows you to show the big picture of how your ideas connect to each other, then lets you zoom into the details. This way your audience is always focused on what you want them to focus on while taking them to a visual journey.

We at Popper Studios believe that Prezi can really make you stand out. It will make you –the presenter– more understandable, more engaging and more memorable.