I am not much of a writer. Mainly not when it comes to design. I wasn’t planning on becoming a designer, it kind of just happened. It turned out I had this 'natural skill' to make great Prezi presentations, which I had no idea was a special skill until they hired me to Prezi itself to design prezis for them. It took me a while to understand how rare this skill actually was, but I became more conscious about it over time by analysing what was working, and why, and by teaching others how to do the same. Now, four years later, I am confident I am one of the five people in this world who knows most about Prezi. I became an expert.

Last year I decided I wanted to become such an expert in a broader sense of design. To do this I went back to university to study Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. I was so keen and so thirsty for knowledge, as probably no one else in my course. I was really, really ready.

I was more than surprised to realise that, despite having amazing tutors, they don't actually teach us anything there, per say, they rather give us space to learn on our own, to experiment, play, and learn from our own mistakes. It was quite a shock to adapt to this at first, since with Prezi I always knew what I was doing, but with design, I had no idea. I still don’t. But I am determined to figure it out!

Writing this blog is my way of forcing myself to read, learn, understand and share more about design. I want to start looking at design – and the world – with a more critical eye, notice what works, what doesn’t and why. I want to practice writing about it, just so I can learn from my own writing. There bound to be a lot of bullshit, mistakes and possibly boring discussions with myself, but hey.. isn't that the way to mastery?