Amanda's Planets - A Visit To Stockholm's Photography Museum

During my visit to Sweden this weekend we visited Stockholm's amazing photography museum called Fotografiska. They had a temporary exhibit on called Autumn Salon that portrayed images from various amateur artists, among them 'Amanda's Little Solar System'.

I first walked by it, thinking "I've seen these plenty of times before, not interested.." but then I realised these ain't the pictures from NASA (that I may have spent months staring at previously)! They were somehow different...

At a closer look you realise they are burnt cooking pans, dirt on the ground, pancake batter and textures of trees. I spent way too long looking at each and every one of them, figuring out what they could actually be. (If you'd like to stare at them closely too, check out her Instagram page!)

I love how she found an angle on reality in everyday objects that she seems to see in everything now. Hope you enjoy them too!

As a side note, I posted the above image on Instagram and turns out, Amanda is the best friend of one of my good friends in Sweden :) Small world!