Please don't feed the wolves

Upon visiting a friend in Berlin this August, we ran into an interesting public exhibition in front of the Central Station. It displayed an army of wolves, in different positions: some displayed as animals, blindly following their peers, others taking on more human characteristics, some carrying guns, others acting as their leaders. Throughout the exhibition there were billboards with powerful messages, such as "Those who don't guarantee humanity to others, don't deserve it themselves" and "Please don't feed the wolves".

I found the exhibit to be a smart and powerful way to express the city's feelings towards Europe's increasing right-wing populism and rising levels of hate crime. It was successful at stopping people in their busy days and walk among the wolves, closely examining their facial expressions as they turn from animals to 'humans' and then tragically turning back to their 'inner animals'. It makes one stop and think for a moment of where we are going as a society.

I don't know if it would be a strong enough piece to change someone's mind who didn't agree with the artist (Rainer Opolka) to begin with, but I found it to be a pleasant statement by the city of Berlin against xenophobia, racism and violence. We need more cities standing up for such causes.