My (Not So) Secret Instagram Life

As some of you might know, I am a bit of a photography enthusiast. A bit? Uhm.. Well.. A huge enthusiast, rather. I grew up with seven cameras lying around the house, with my photojournalist mother, in the days when we still had to actually get those photographs developed. Good ol' days!

My mother taught me how to do it. I remember the red lights, and how we waited impatiently with my sister to see how our photos have turned out. Since then I have long forgotten how it's done, unfortunately, but I do think of it quite often, and dream that one day I might make a little analogue studio out of my bathroom and develop photos myself. In reality however I just snap pictures with my iPhone and post them on Instagram.

Back in my Prezi days I've also worked on some studio photography, shooting portraits of my colleagues for the About page, but nowadays I mainly focus on architecture and the gorgeous landscapes that surround me.

You can find me on Instagram as pippi.loller