Lili is not just a designer. She is a visual storyteller. I was covering a fairly complex and technical topic and Lili was able to help me boil it down to its essence and convey my message more powerfully than I thought possible.

Aside from her obvious talents, she is also very professional, quick to respond, meets her commitments, asks questions when she needs clarification, and just generally rocks.

Next time you need a visual storyteller, hire Lili
— Jana Sedivy, Specializing in Voice of Customer research and strategy for B2B tech companies
Lili is the best designer I’ve ever worked with. Period. Whenever I give a presentation using designs Lili worked on, I’m barraged with audience questions about how the visuals were done. Not only does Lili capably execute the oft-complicated visual ideas presented to her, but she adds value with her own aesthetic sense and design skills. Lili also happens to have a magazine-editor’s intuition for story flow, and I’ve found her willingness to talk through the structure of a presentation and to share her own ideas to be extremely valuable. On top of design-specific skills, Lili is simply very bright and a pleasure to work with. She pays a level of attention to even minor detail that is essential, in my opinion, to top quality design. I recommend her in the highest possible terms.
— David Epstein, Author and Speaker, The Sports Gene (New York Times Bestseller)
Lili is an extraordinary Prezi Designer! She worked with us to create several Prezis. Allow me to share some of the typical unedited and unsolicited feedback: ‘Best visual presentation I saw all conference. And I cried.’ or ‘This session was one of my favorites because Patricia was so interesting to listen to, and she had the best slideshow ever.’

It isn’t fair I get the kudos when I present one of Lili’s Prezis... and these are comments I ALWAYS hear! Lili knows how to capture the essence of the message you are trying to convey - in a manner that is so visually interesting that it knocks their socks off. It was a pleasure to work with Lili. She gets it. She is professional. She is creative. And she has tremendous work ethic and meets deadlines. She exceeded our expectations in every way. She also trained us to make updates as we go and responds immediately (no matter how elementary our question).

By the way, we did the vast majority of our work remotely through Skype. It is with tremendous enthusiasm and respect for her work that I submit this recommendation. It isn’t often that I have an experience so positive and the outcome exceeding my expectations... but that was surely the case with Lili and her work.
— Patricia Suflita Wilson, Public Speaker at Leading Authorities, Inc. Speakers Bureau
Lili did a great job designing my TED prezi. She was creative, flexible and supportive. Thanks so much!
— Sadiq Gillani, Senior Vice President at Lufthansa Group